2nd November 2009

A letter from Lyle

The first thing that Sorami noticed as she left her new home was that there was some mail waiting for her in her post box. Opening up the first letter, Sorami saw that it was from Lyle, who was incharge of the HRA in the City. The second letter was from the Bank of Nintendo, which had a shopping card attached for Sorami use in the City if she needed extra money.

After reading the mail, Sorami decided to see what goods Nook had on sale in his shop.  As soon as she entered Nooks’ Cranny, she was informed that Nook had a special item for sale that day, a cement mixer.  What on earth would Sorami want with an item like that?

Sorami falls in a hole

Once she had visited Nooks, Sorami decided to take a walk around her new home, to see how the paths that she had laid the previous day were looking.  Accidentally, Sorami fell in a hole when she wasn’t looking.

Bettina then accosted Sorami asking if she wanted to sell her amethyst shirt.  Sorami decided to be nice to her fellow villagers, and agreed to buy the shirt from her new friend.


Whilst wandering around Avizemer, Sorami noticed that a new house had appeared where one of the signposts had been the previous day.  Curious, Sorami decided to see who the new resident was. Freckles, the new villager quickly introduced herself, with a promise that the other residents would soon love her!

Sorami's first piece of Mush furniture

Sorami had heard the previous day that mushrooms were supposed to appear in Avizemer during the month  during the month of November, so she was rather pleased when she found 5 mushrooms scattered around the town.  There was a 6th mushroom, but when Sorami picked it up, it turned out to be a Mush Closet! Huh!!! How on earth can mushrooms turn into furniture?

Also, Sorami found some strange holes, much like the one she fell in earlier.  This time, armed with the shovel that she had dug up earlier that morning, she dug up three strange blue and white round objects, which were unidentified fossils, and took them to Blathers, in the Museum, who she had heard was able to identify what they were.

Sorami's first fossil donation

Excitedly, Sorami rushed to the Museum, and handed over the 3 fossils to Blathers. The Owl, was as excited as Sorami when she handed the 3 fossils to him.  He identified them as a Parasaur Torso, a Fern Fossil, and a Raptor Torso.  The fossils were donated to the Museum when Blathers informed Sorami that the Museum lacked any fossil exhibits, so she felt sorry for him and handed them over so that they could be put on display for visitors to look at.

Upon hearing that the mushrooms found earlier could be sold at Nooks’ Cranny, Sorami decided that she would sell them, as she lacked any money.  She was rather happy that one of the mushrooms, the Elegant Mushroom was worth 10,000 bells!

Sorami does a happy dance

With the 5 mushrooms being sold, Sorami realised that she was able to pay off Nooks’ first mortgage, which was 18,400 bells!  She did a bit of a happy dance at that news!

Returning to Nooks’ Cranny, Sorami was informed that as the 1st mortgage had been paid off that the house was being extended to make the main room bigger!  Knowing that a bigger house would mean a new mortgage, Sorami agreed that she did want a bigger house with a purple roof on top.

to be continued………….


Starting work for Tom Nook

Upon returning to Tom Nook’s shop, Sorami was given a uniform to wear.  It wasn’t the best uniform, but at least it looked better than the Citrus Gingham that Sorami had been wearing!

The first job that Nook gave Sorami, was to plant some tree saplings and flowers in Avizemer.  Now, Sorami isn’t the best gardener around, so she just planted the saplings and flowers nearby the shop.


The second job from Nook

The second job was to deliver an item of furniture to Chief.  Sorami knew exactly where Chief was, so she quickly gave him the item.  Chief was so impressed, that he gave Sorami a Lefty Desk as a housewarming gift.  He even gave Sorami some tips on how to move items around inside her house!  Before Sorami could return to Nook’s, Chief asked her when her birthday was, as someone (who he wouldn’t name!) wanted to know.  Quickly, Sorami whispered the date in his ear, so that no one else would know, lol!


The third job from Nook

The third job Sorami had to do when she returned to Nook’s was to write a letter to Purrl thanking her for her custom.  Nook handed over a piece of stationery and told Sorami to post the mail at the Town Hall once it was written.

Sorami didn’t know how to write the letter so she just wrote “Thank you for shopping at Nooks!” before sealing the envelope and handing it over to Pelly at the Town Hall.


The fourth job from Nook

The next job that Nook had waiting for Sorami was to deliver a carpet to Bettina.  Just like Chief, Bettina was impressed with the delivery, so she gave Sorami a Cloud Flooring as a thank you!

Bettina informed Sorami that Nook has new items for sale every day and to keep an eye out for some good items that he sells.


The fifth job from Nook

The fifth job was to deliver a Watering Can to Purrl, who Sorami had written a letter to earlier.  After the Watering Can had been delivered to Purrl, she mentioned that she had received the letter than Sorami had written to her, saying that she liked to show other people the letters that she received.  Luckily Sorami had written a nice letter!


The final job!

The next job that Nook had for Sorami was to write an advert for the shop on the Bulletin Board, located next to the Town Hall.  Quickly Sorami raced over to the Town Hall and found the Bulletin Board, upon which she wrote “Shop at Nooks”.  (Very original, I know!)

Nook was surprised when Sorami returned to his shop, as he was in shock that he had run out of jobs for her to do!

Nook informed Sorami that she had earned 1,400 bells towards her mortgage for the house.  Only another 18,400 bells to pay it off!!!!  Nook said that she could play the mortgage off through the Bellpoint machine located inside the Town Hall.

Excited, Sorami rushed from Nooks to do a happy dance!


Sorami's happy dance!!!!

Sorami was so exhausted with her happy dance, that she decided to return to her new home for a rest before she carried on the exploration of Avizemer……

(to be continued…….)

Welcome to Avizemer

Sorami was walking along the street when she spotted a noticeboard advertising new homes that had been built in a new town called Avizemer.

The advert said that a yellow bus would collect any interested people from the bus stop nearby.  Sorami was curious as she hadn’t heard about this new town before.


Rover trying to coerce Sorami

Sorami walked to the nearby bus stop and was approached by a strange blue and white cat, who said his name was Rover. He said that he would take her to Avizemer to have a look around if she was interested.


Rover thinking Sorami was moving towns

Before Sorami could decide, a yellow bus pulled up and Rover pushed her on board. Sorami wasn’t sure what she could do to get him to stop the bus, so she thought the easiest option was to hear him out.

Rover started asking Sorami what her name was, and then what the name of the town she was moving was…huh??? Sorami had no intention of moving, but replied that she saw the advert for Avizemer.


The bus stopping at Avizemer

Sorami was relieved when, finally, Rover announced that they were approaching Avizemer. Quickly, she went to the front of the bus to wait until it stopped to let her get off.

With a “Head on over to the town hall before you do anything else!” the bus roared off.

Not knowing what else to do, Sorami decided to look for this Town Hall that Rover had mentioned.

Avizemer town map

Avizemer town map

Rover had given Sorami a map of Avizemer, so she looked at it to see where the Town Hall was.  Spotting the large building on the map, Sorami headed south west towards it.


huh? moved here? eh.... no!!!!

Going inside the Town Hall, a strange pelican was waiting at the counter for customers.  Behind her was sat a turtle!!! What a weird town……. And why did everyone think that Sorami was moving to Avizemer?

The strange pelican introduced herself as Pelly, and said that she worked at the Town Hall.  Then she showed Sorami a map of Avizemer with the locations of four houses, and that Sorami had to choose one of them to live in.

Still confused, Sorami left the Town Hall and decided to go inspect these four houses that she had been told about by Pelly.  Sorami walked to the south east towards the cliffs of the town, where she had seen one of the four houses located on the map.  Maybe a house near a cliff might be a nice place to live in.

Sorami's new home?

With a polite knock, Sorami entered the house and had a look around it.  The house only contained the main room and an upstairs with a bed and telephone in it, so Sorami didn’t spend much time in there.


Not another weirdo!!!!

As Sorami left the house, a raccoon was waiting outside.  He introduced himself as Tom Nook and said that he ran a shop in Avizemer.  Tom asked if Sorami liked the house, and when Sorami said yes, he replied that the house was hers as long as she payed the 19,800 bell payment for it!!!

Sorami wasn’t sure how she would be able to afford this house, but Tom offered her a part time job at his shop to help earn money for the house.


The Mayor of Avizemer, Tortimer

Before leaving, Tom said to Sorami that she should introduce herself to the residents of Avizemer before she came to his shop to work.  Taking Tom’s advice, Sorami explored the town and introduced herself to the Mayor of Avizemer, who’s name was Tortimer.  After she had chatted to him, she went to look for the six residents of the town.



The first resident that Sorami met was Chief, who is a wolf, and whom just happens to live right next door to her new house.  Chief was really helpful and gave Sorami some advice on how to pick fruit from the trees.



The second resident that Sorami met Clyde, who is a horse.  Clyde had at first mistook Sorami for Tutu, who also lives in the town.  He promised Sorami that he wouldn’t get her mixed up with other residents again.



The third resident was Scoot, who is a duck.  He seemed rather happy to meet Sorami.



The fourth resident, Purrl, is a cat, and the first female living in Avizemer.   Sorami wasn’t very keen on Purrl, as she seemed a bit stuck-up.



The fifth resident, Tutu, is a bear, and also female.  She seemed a lot nicer than Purrl was.  And she was only too happy to help Sorami if she wanted help.



The sixth and last resident, Bettina, is a mouse and the third female in Avizemer.  She was happy to meet Sorami.  I think Bettina is going to become a favourite resident 🙂

After meeting the six residents, Sorami decided that it was time to go and find Nook’s shop, which was located in the north west of Avizemer………


(to be continued…….)